Founded by three friends with a common goal

Back in 2013 professional snowboarders Eero Ettala and Fredu Sirviö, together with professional photographer Arto Ekman wrapped their heads around a common problem. As professional athletes Eero and Fredu had been traveling the world for the past 10 years, filming for the biggest snowboard video productions and using their smartphones to take videos and photos, documenting and sharing these trips with their friends and fans.

As posts on Facebook and Instagram became first a daily, then hourly activity, they needed to get more out of their smartphone cameras. They wanted to enhance their mobile content to the level of what the professional photographers and filmmakers were doing.

This is where photographer Arto Ekman came in to the picture, and together they created the first Black Eye lens. Within a couple of months, the awareness of the product spread among different fields of lifestyle users, and the trio knew something big was about to happen.

Upgrade your mobile photography

Black Eye brings you the best accessories for more creative and unique mobile photography and film making.

The Black Eye product line has a wide range of photo and videography attachments and supporting accessories. From the beginning, Black Eye has been standing for easy to use universal innovative product design together with a vision of possibilities. We want to give our customers the best user experience.


Exceptional quality across devices

We have a universal product portfolio to support all major mobile devices on the market.

The Clipper Attachment System is universal and suits most mobile devices on the market regardless of the brand or model. Universal compatibility means longer product lifecycle, so the lenses will do the trick even you update your phone to a newer model.

Our portfolio is not limited to smartphones only. Thanks to the Black Eye Clipper Attachment System our lenses work with laptops, pads and other mobile devices.