Best places to photograph Autumn colors

September and October are the peak months for fall foliage. So it’s time to go through a few of the top locations around the world were to photograph the Autumn colors.

To make the best out of this colorful season, you must know where to go to score the most vibrant landscapes and forests. Not all places have the same type of Color-fiesta, so make sure to go through our list and then decide your location.

These are some of the most famous places around the world, but remember to be adventurous and go explore and find your own best spot.

Lapland, Finland

Because we’re a Finnish company, we must feature Lapland as the first destination to photograph the Autumn colors, or “Ruska” as we say it in Finnish.

Lapland is a big region in Northern Finland, and it’s full of beautiful wilderness, forests, lakes, and fells. There are so many different regions and places where you can go to. As a rule of thumb, the best time starts in the first or second week of September in the Northern parts and lasts for about 10 days in each region, while the colors make their way down south.

There are 7 different national parks in Lapland, which are a great starting point for your search for the best colors.

Northern Norway

If you’re in Lapland, It’s very easy to cross the border to Norway and enjoy the dazzling mountainous landscapes, fjords, and the big wild ocean. The mountains are especially beautiful at this time of year, and so are the Autumn colors.

Hike up a mountain and enjoy the world-class landscapes. It’s really easy to get stunning photographs there as it’s just so beautiful everywhere you look. But remember to be fit before going to Norway, as the mountains mean there will be a lot of hiking up steep mountains, in order to get the best views!

Keep your eyes open for northern lights during the night at these northern latitudes. It’s highly possible that you’ll be treated with another type of color show in the sky at night!

Great places to go to are the Lofoten Islands, Senja, Alta and Tromsø.

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Dolomites, Italy

A stunning and easily accessible place to photograph the autumn colors, is the Dolomites in Northern Italy. Huge mountain massifs, photogenic old churches and buildings, blue alpine lakes and serpentine roads. It’s no wonder why so many photographers head over to the Dolomites during autumn.

Rent a car and go road tripping to this region and you’ll come back home with fantastic photographs and memories that last for a lifetime.

Don’t forget Italian food too, even that is a good reason to head over there!

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Iceland is already stunning even without the fall colours, but the yellows and oranges are like the icing on the cake in this country full of natural wonders.

Head there in mid-September and go touring around the country for a week or two. Remember that there’s not too many trees or plants growing on this volcanic island, so you have to find locations with some plants around. But don’t worry, you’ll find them and when you do, it’s all worth it! In September and October, you can also see the northern lights in Iceland, so remember to look up to the sky after it gets dark.

Also, remember to be prepared for bad weather. Iceland is known for strong winds and rain, which can affect your travel plans.

Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada 

Let’s hop over to the Americas and find out a few beautiful locations where to go this fall. If you are planning on going to Canada, do not miss out Banff National park when the fall colors are in full swing.

It’s the world’s third-oldest national park, and one of the most beautiful in the world. Be sure to check out Peyto Lake, Lake Louise, Larch Valley, and Moraine Lake.

You can also spot large herds of Elk near the town of Banff and throughout the national park, so remember to bring your telelens with you.

New Hampshire, United States

New Hampshire In the states, is a prime destination for the leaf peepers. With 48 mountains over 4,000 feet, historic small villages and endless trees showing their beautiful autumn colors, it’s a must-go destination for any photographer wanting to capture beautiful photos of the fall foliage.

Go and explore Lincoln, White Mountains, Mount Sunapee, Newbury, Crawford Notch, and Woodstock and you’ll surely see some of the most stunning colors you’ll ever see.

Best time to go is from late September to mid-October.

Vermont, United States

If you must visit only one place in the states to look at the fall foliage, it has to be Vermont. The state of Vermont is abundant in sugar maples, which produce all the finest reds, oranges and gold colors.

Have a look at Burlington, Mount Philo, Mount Mansfield, Mad River Valley, Manchester or drive the Route 100 and be in awe of all the colorful views on the way.

The best time to go is from mid-September to mid-October.