Do Black Eye lenses work with iPhone X?

Words and photos by Black Eye Director of product / Co-Founder @arto_ekman

iPhone X has one of the best mobile phone cameras ever built and we at Black Eye love everything about it. All Black Eye products are universal with most mobile phones in the market. Yet we get quite a few questions how our lenses perform with the flagships like the iPhone X.

As of writing this piece I have now been using the iPhone X for some months and I’m truly impressed with the photo and videography capabilities of this little beast. I’m also really happy with the way all Black Eye products perform with this powerhouse.

Cinema Wide & iPhone X

The Cinema Wide and iPhone X together are an excellent multi-purpose content creation tool, and the The Cinema Wide performs brilliantly with updated iPhone sensor.

I mainly use this lens for outdoor and sky/cityscape photography. I also have used it when shooting short documentaries due to its clarity in Videography and the cinematic look.

Winter has been cold in Finland and it must have been around -20°C when taking this picture. Despite the cold the iPhone X did not freeze at all during this mission!

HD Wide Angle & iPhone X

The iPhone X gives approx 160° field of view with the HD Wide Angle, which makes it a good all around lens and also excellent for selfies.

Full-Frame Fisheye

The Full-Frame Fisheye is one of my favorite lenses when for examples fishing or skateboarding. It gives me the ultimate 180° field of view and gives the audience a unique POV. The pixel count of the iPhone X also gives me the possibility for a small crop if I feel that the 180° is a bit too much for the picture.

Tele 3X

The Tele 3X and iPhone X are a really good match. I personally use it mostly with an app called ProCamera (check it out on the app store).

The app gives me the possibility to lock to the secondary tele lens and in that way, I get 5x zoom without losing the image quality. When on a point and shoot mission, the Tele 3x also works really well when iPhones own camera is zoomed to 1,9x.

iPhone’s built-in tele and Black Eye Tele 3x together are a perfect partner to get that unique long prime lens look. You will need a third party app for this. I recommend the ProCamera app.

HD Macro

When you need to get really close to your subject, the HD Macro is an excellent tool for the iPhone X. The iPhone X really gives outstanding colors and clarity with the HD Macro.

When its cold outside the HD Macro is a really fun lens to shoot with indoors.

Filming Handle Tripod

The filming handle tripod is a perfect partner for iPhone X. In this picture, I used the tripod and shot with the ‘’live’’ feature provided by the basic iPhone X camera app. After taking the photo I simply swiped up the picture and chose long exposure.