Black Eye G4 | Capturing the magic of the Finnish Summer

Introducing the Wide G4 and Macro G4 lenses

Smartphone camera sensors and optics have evolved greatly during the past year. When Black Eye first started to make the lenses we wanted to create products that can be used with the devices that most of us carry with them all the time. Thus, as smartphones evolve so do our lenses. We have been working hard with our team to create a new line of high-quality lenses, that are guaranteed to work optimally also with the latest mobile phone cameras.

This hard work has paid off, and we are proud to present the 4th Generation of Black Eye lenses, with better image quality, less vignetting and better flare protection without forgetting that cool Black Eye look and feel.

It has been truly inspiring to follow how our users create content with Black Eye products. The G4 portfolio has by far the best optics we have ever made, and we hope it they will provide even better tools for our users to unleash their mobile creativity

Black Eye G4 macro and wide lens


Capturing the Magic of the Finnish Summer

Story and photos by our good friend @damonbeckford

Often times I get asked a question, how does it feel to live in a country where the sun never sets?
For people living in a country where the sun sets and rises around the same time for the whole year, it can be very difficult to understand how it feels like when it never gets dark. And in the north of Finland, it gets so intense that the sun doesn’t set for 2 whole months. Just think about that! Black Eye lens Wide G4

And for all you photographers reading this. Being a photographer with all this beautiful light around 24/7 is a dream!

I live in the South of Finland, and there’s only a few hours between 00-02 am when it gets darkish, but most of the day the sun is lighting up the nature. The golden evening light lasts for many hours and the same in the morning. So much time to shoot in beautiful light. And after the sun sets, we get blue hour that lasts for hours.

The atmosphere is magical during the night. Perfect for a night swim at a lake. The Only thing that might disturb you are the mosquitos. So remember to bring some repellent with you on an evening shoot!
Black Eye lens Wide Angle G4

I haven’t had the chance to go to Lapland during the midnight sun for years, but if you’re planning a photography trip to Finland in the summer, go to Lapland.
There the sun is up the whole night, making it a very unique experience.

I took the new Black Eye G4 Wide and Macro lenses with me for a few days of shooting during the longest days of the year.

Black Eye Macro G4 lens

Black Eye Wide G4 lens

The thing I love about shooting with just a phone and a black eye lens is how easy and fun it’s to take photos compared to a full-frame DSLR camera. All the gear is in your pocket and setting up takes only seconds.

Black Eye lens Wide Angle lens g4

With the new G4 Wide angle, it’s easy to take photos from new creative angles that would otherwise take lot’s of sweat and effort. The quality of this new lens is amazing! I love how much the lenses have evolved during the years. The build quality and the sharpness this lens produces is super good.

Black Eye lens Wide angle g4 lens

I like this lens for taking travel and landscape photos, but also for making Instagram stories!

Black Eye Wide Angle lens g4

The Macro G4 is a fun lens that will make you fall in love with all the tiny details that very often will be left unnoticed. I’m not lying, but I could spend the whole day in the forest, taking macro photos of bugs and plants.

Black Eye macro G4 lens

Black Eye Macro g4 lens flower

For a nature lover like me, this is a must-have! It makes beautiful and very sharp images with nice bokeh too! Zoom in with your phone to get even closer to the subject.Black Eye Macro G4 lens flower

The Finnish summer is short and intense, full of magic and special moments. So let’s enjoy these few months to the fullest!

Make sure you check out Damon’s work on his Instagram and drop a comment or a two.

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