Choosing the right Black Eye lens

Choosing the right lens for you can be tricky. That’s why we asked some of our favourite users which is their go-to Black Eye lens and why, see what they think!

Eero Ettala

Lens of choice:

Pro Fisheye G4

What is your go-to lens and why?

My go-to lens is definitely the Pro Fisheye G4! Using the lens with my iPhone XS I can really get close to the action and the image quality is amazing!

Without the lens, I would have to stand at least four steps back from the subject. This would kill the feeling of speed in the shot.

Where do you use this lens?

Most of my life I have been behind or in front of the camera while snowboarding or skateboarding. The key element in Action sports photo and videography is to get close to your subject. The standard field of view in smartphones is narrow, making it hard to capture the entire trick, especially if filming is done while moving, for example filming a follow cam while snowboarding or skateboarding.

I have the Pro Fisheye G4 always in my pocket when I go shredding with my pals. It opens up many possibilities in choosing the angle of the shot and is also great to just fool around with, taking funny selfies!

Arto Ekman

Lens of choice:

Pro Cinema Wide G4

What is your go-to lens and why?

Being one of the founders of Black Eye it’s of course difficult to choose just one lens, since I tend to use all of them! But if I would really need to pick just one lens when going on a fishing trip or traveling, it would be the Pro Cinema Wide G4.

I feel like the cinematic effect of the lens is really cool, and it’s surprisingly versatile! With the Pro Cinema Wide G4 I can capture wider landscapes without worrying about the image quality deteriorating.

Where do you use this lens?

I have been a hobby photographer for the past 20 years, today I take the Pro Cinema Wide G4 with me on all my trips, be it fishing, snowboarding or a walk in the city.

Before I used the lens with my iPhone XS, and after updating to iPhone 11 Pro Max, I have discovered the joy of photography in lower light conditions. The

iPhone 11 Pro Max and the Pro Cinema Wide G4 together are a perfect all-around tool for my daily (and nightly) photography trips. It opens up many new possibilities for filming! For example, capturing some urban black and white pictures, this lens lens is perfect for that.

Damon Beckford

Lens of choice:

Pro Portrait Tele G4

What is your go-to lens and why?

For me the absolute go-to lens is the Pro Portrait Tele G4. I love the way it gives me additional depth of field, so much cleaner than the software aided portrait mode on iPhone.

For the past 2 years I have been using the iPhone 8, which has a great camera except for one limitation and that is the zoom! If I want to zoom in with my phone, the quality of the photographs will drastically be reduced and result in very low quality images.

Where do you use this lens?

So given my phones limitations in Zoom I always carry the Pro Portrait Tele G4 with me when I know there’s going to be something to photograph. Also I like the fact that I can just screw it on to my Black Eye Photo Case and achieve a 2,5x optical zoom without needing to use the digital zoom at all. Talk about Zoom without losing the quality!
This lens will easily allow me to get more interesting portraits and travel photos, thanks to the longer focal length and the DSLR like bokeh it creates!

As the fog cleared and the sun came out the Machu Picchu revealed itself to us in its full glory! Shot with Black Eye Pro Portrait Tele lens.
A relaxed afternoon in Arequipa, captured with the Pro Portrait Tele.