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Filming Grip Tripod

A high-quality handle and tripod designed for demanding videos and photos, from real action sports to creative travel content.

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Black Eye Photo Case – iPhone

$ 9.90

Protective Photo Case for Apple iPhone A durable and sleek photo case with an aluminium mounting system that is compatible with all Black Eye lenses.

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Filming Handle Tripod

Designed specifically with mobile content creators in mind. The universal Filming Handle Tripod is perfect for video calls, Youtube videos or capturing holiday photos and memories with your friends and family.

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Combo G4

$ 64.90

The Combo G4 combines two of our most beloved fourth generation lenses. The Wide G4 and the Macro G4 together form an essential, high-quality content toolkit.

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Macro G4

$ 34.90

Capture amazingly detailed images when you want to get really – and we mean really – close to your subject. 

The Black Eye G4 Macro lens allows you to capture the tiniest things that are out of reach with a normal smartphone camera.

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Wide G4

$ 44.90

Expand your perspective and capture more in one frame.

The Wide G4 Lens changes your smartphone camera’s 78° angle of view to a 160° angle of view, so you can fit twice as much in the frame.


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Pro Cinema Wide G4

$ 89.90

Create the Perfect Cinematic Experience in all your photos and videos.

With a generous 120° angle of view, your device’s camera lens will reach new heights in photography.


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Pro Portrait Tele G4

$ 89.90

Create stunningly life-like images and pop your subject up from the background.

The Pro Portrait Tele G4 lens is our go-to lens for portrait and street photographers


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