Why Black Eye?

Black Eye stands for quality. Each lens we offer is made from the finest glass optics, hand assembled and coated to guarantee the ultimate photo & video experience. The Black Eye Universal Clip attachment system works with most smartphones on the planet.This means that you don’t need to buy a new lens whenever a new phone model is out, but can continue using your lens! Also, the clipper attachment system allows your to use your lens with both front and rear camera.

What are the Black Eye lenses built off?

At Black Eye, we want to offer the highest quality products with a universal twist to ensure that we have a range of products for every content creator out there. We absolutely do not use any acrylic or plastic optics but pure glass that is ecologically and sustainably sourced.

All of our lenses are hand-assembled and made from the finest glass optics with double-sided AR coating to remove unwanted flares and enhance the colors. Each glass element goes through a 9-phase high-frequency cleaning system to remove the tiniest dirt.

Am I supporting child labor or unsustainable production when purchasing a Black Eye product?

Each of our product and the including components go through a rigorous sourcing process, whereby we make sure that our products are built honoring all workers within our immediate supply-chain and the environment.

How does the Universal Clipper attachment work and does it damage my phone?

It’s fast and simple! Just place the lens over your camera, and you’re good to go. To ensure the best image quality we recommend making sure that the lens is aligned with the center of your camera. The best way to do this is to look through the lens while placing it, so you’ll see that camera settles on the center of the lens.

The Universal Clipper has silicon paddings so that it won’t leave any marks on your phone – but stays strongly attached to the phone while shooting photos or video. Check out our how-to page for further information and videos!

Why the image is blurry, why do I have black corners in my image?

To gain the best possible image quality, make sure that you have placed the lens correctly on the phone. Look through the lens and align it to the center of your mobile device’s camera.

A misplaced lens causes unsharp and blurry images. Also, any dust or other dirt on the camera should be cleaned off before placing the lens. A microfiber cloth is included in the packaging of all Black Eye lenses.

Will it work on my phone?

The Black Eye Universal Clipper attachment and the lenses work with most of the phones on the market including dual and selfie cameras.

If you want to be sure check out our compatibility site for all the models!

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