A heavy metal music video shot with Black Eye Macro lens


A group of angry young men joined forces and formed hard hitting ID: Exorcist around the turn of the millennium. A band that started as a channel for anger has since become complex and original representative of Finnish modern heavy metal. The group has shed it’s skin many times during the years, but the solid core has remained the same.

ID: Exorcist is formed by

Sami Hauru – Guitars

Ville Nissinen – Drums

Jaakko Mäntymaa – Vocals

Niko Lindman – Bass

Joni Sven – Guitars

Aapo Koivisto – Keyboard instruments

The start for making the music video was quite awkward: there was less than a week to get the whole package together. No preliminary work was done and there was no script, nor location. My friend Jarno Hannus had previously shot amazing smartphone macro shots of various bugs that he showed to me. That´s when the idea of filming the whole video with a smartphone and Black Eye Macro lens took over. -Jaakko Mantymaa, ID

Warning: If you have epilepsy or a tendency to get migraine, this video might not be a good idea.

A Finnish underground story

ID: Exorcist has released a number of demos, EPs and a couple of albums Under a Ton of Ice and Paths to Exile (Inverse Records 2013). Now, after a few of years of silence, it is time for new material as EP titled MMXVI is released. ID’s earlier works have been described as dark, furious and candid. MMXVI continues where Paths to Exile left. The three songs on the EP are aggressive and gloomy and yet melodic.

The EP was recorded and mixed by Teemu Aalto (Insomnium, Omnium Gatherum) and produced by Joonas Koto (Omnium Gatherum, Malpractice).


  1. Act I: Tidal Force
  2. Act II: God For a Moment
  3. Act III: The Aftermath



If you are into bands like Machine Head, Sepultura, Pantera, In Flames, Soilwork or Hatebreed be sure to check ID: Exorcist out.