Kasperi Kropsu is one of the most talented skateboarders from of Finland at the moment. After his recent win with the Spitfire’s Instagram contest, he got an opportunity to fly to Florida and compete with the world’s finest amateur skateboarders at the legendary Tampa Am contest. Here’s a short photo recap of our journey, enjoy.


This shadowy ditch was right next to the legendary Tampa park, Bro Bowl. Kasperi manhandled proper flips despite the blazing sun and melting driveways. Perfect location for the Tele lens action.


The original Bro Bowl was built in the early 70’s. Kasperi, being a 90’s baby, had no clue about the history that this sacred bowl’s has, but he did recognize the preserved old bumbs from the Tony Hawk Pro Skater Game. It didn’t take too long for Kasperi to absolutely kill every single obstacle in the park. Watching Kasperi skate the park, I felt like I was handling the controls of the Tony Hawk game.



The night before the contest we were invited to Ryan Clement’s world famous #DreamDriveway
bbq skate evening. For those who are not familiar with the dream driveway, it is exactly what it
says, a dream driveway, a concrete park on your driveway. Check out www.theboardr.com for the video recap. My recap of the evening was free beer, burgers and banger tricks – simple.


I hear it snowed in Helsinki 😉

The Tampa Am is one of the (if not THE) longest running skate contests in the world. This year was their 23rd anniversary. The previous winners include names such as Donny Barley, Spanky, Felipe Gustavo, Elijah Berle and Nyjah Huston so it is definitely a breeding ground for future super stars. One day boys, one day… It could be you drinking the champagne on the podium. Keep on dreaming boys.


While the finals were going inside the park, we sneaked out to the concrete park shoot talented mr. Flegel flip to fakie over the keyhole.


Once the contest was done and dusted we headed to Miami. We did not see Crockett and Tubbs, but the Miami Art Deco districts did live up to the Miami Vice expectations. If the architecture is not your cup of tea then look for a drinking hole called Mac’s Club Deuce. Don’t let the word club fool you, this place is a proper bar. Apparently it is the oldest bar in town. My bet would be that this was the place for the Miami’s fallen cocaine cowboys to drown their sorrows in the 90’s. A true 5 stars beer bar!!! Oh yes, when visiting a new town, please remember to support the local skate shop. THE shop in Miami is MIAwww.miaskateshop.com


After the fat lady sang, Kasperi did not win the Tampa Am contest but this didn’t stop us feeling like winners while sipping our sex-on-the-beach drinks on the Miami’s pristine sandy beach.


Actually Kasperi did win as we stopped at the famous Jai Alai Casino on our way to the airport and he hit the jack pot on one of the slot machines. Cash out voucher $0.03

Big KIITOS (thanks) goes to @PonkesTheShop and @BlackEyeLens to make this trip happen. Check these instagram accounts if you plan on visiting Florida @spottampa @theboardr @miaskateshop @tf305fl and of course keep your eyes on @KasperiKropsu for more ripping. Kiitos ja kumarrus.


Written by Samuli Heino