Get closer to your subject than a human eye or a normal camera can. Macro world is an immense playground where there is always something new to be found.

Macro G4 – Smartphone lens

A True Macro Magnification With Great Detail

  • Works with all smartphones
  • True 1:1 macro magnification
  • True optical glass elements
  • High definition images with great details
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Very happy with my purchase, it does just what I hoped it would at a very reasonable price. Beautifully and carefully packaged, it arrived safely and on time. Thank you very much.

-Charlotte C.

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 Great photos. Simple product resulting in great macro photos.

-Scott H.

Verified Review

Macro G4

Smartphone Macro lens

Capture amazingly detailed images when you want to get really – and we mean really – close to your subject. 

The Black Eye G4 Macro lens allows you to capture the tiniest things that are out of reach with a normal smartphone camera.

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A smartphone alone simply can’t do it

Cameras ability to create macro images is limited by the inability to focus close enough. A macro lens enables the smartphone camera to focus close and create true macro images that blow your mind.