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NEW: Travel Kit G4

The ultimate lens set for adventures, travelers and storytellers. Comes with an easy-to-pack zipper travel case with a carabiner hook.


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Product Description

The ultimate lens set for adventurers, travelers and storytellers.

Take stunning portraits or get closer to your subject with the Pro Portrait Tele G4, discover the tiniest details with the Macro G4 and fit twice as much in the frame when capturing your travel highlights selfies and video blogs with the Wide G4. All three banger lenses come with a durable, easy-to-pack zipper travel case.

Pro Portrait Tele G4 – 40° angle of view. 60mm equivalent in 35mm format. Get 2.5x closer to your subject when it’s not physically possible, e.g. from a top of a cliff or across the street. Make your subject pop out from the image with a shallower depth of field. Capture images that look more life-like and show the world as your eyes see it.

Wide G4 – 160° angle of view. 18mm equivalent in 35mm format. Fit twice as much in the frame when capturing your travel highlights – or make your selfies stand out from the masses.

Macro G4 – 15x zoom with a focus distance of 20-26mm. The Macro G4 lens is optimized for less distortion and sharp images, allowing it to capture the tiniest things that are out of reach with a normal smartphone camera.

Travel Case – Durable and easy-to-pack zipper travel case with a carabiner hook.


  • Optimized for mobile phones released 2018 and later
  • Pro Portrait Tele G4: 49° angle of view/- 2.5x optical magnification
  • Wide G4: 160° angle of view
  • Macro G4: 15x close-up
  • All lenses are double-coated, hand-polished glass that produces natural colors and prevents unwanted reflections
  • The Universal Clip attachment system works with smartphones, tablets and laptops
  • Lenses can be used with front and rear camera
  • All lenses also work with dual lens devices
  • Ideal for social media stories and live streaming
  • Triple sided AntiReflection+ coating on all glass elements to prevent unwanted reflection and enhance the colors
  • Works with dual lens devices
  • Hand assembled, and 100% quality checked
  • Nano ground optics for excellent image quality and corner clarity
  • The Universal Clip attachment system works with smartphones, tablets, and laptops


  • Snapchat - Make your everyday content to pop up. Just clip the lens on and make your photos and videos effortlessly different from the others.

  • Travel - Leave your action and SLR cameras home and travel light.

  • Selfies - Get a wider view to selfies by just clipping the lens over your front camera.

  • Video - Mobile video crops the view to stable the footage. Get the lost corners back by using Black Eye Wide Angle lenses.

  • 160° Wide lens
  • Universal Clipper
  • Lens cap
  • Cleaning cloth
  • Microfiber bag
  • Black Eye sticker
  • Manual
  • Inner housing is processed with anti-flare coating
  • Magnification ratio 0.4X
  • Resolution (Axis) 200 LP/MM
  • Resolution (Corner) 150 LP/MM
  • Hand assembled
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