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The Black Eye Pro Kit is the ultimate all-in-one travel case that features the highest quality lenses a mobile photographer needs. The Pro Kit contains the Tele 3X, Full-Frame Fisheye and the Macro HD lenses – everything you need to up your Instagram game and keep your followers and friends engaged. The durable hand crafted travel case makes the Pro Kit perfect for traveling and shooting photos or videos on the road.


Features – Travel case:

A stylish, durable zippered travel case designed to keep your lenses safe and easy to take with you.
Case dimensions: Length – 16cm, Width – 13cm, Height – 5cm

Features – Tele 3X:

  • 39° angle of view
  • Give images shallower depth of field
  • 60mm equivalent in 35mm format
  • Triple coated hand polished glass produces crystal clear natural colours and prevents unwanted reflections

Features – Full-Frame Fisheye:

  • 180° Angle of view
  • Perfect for Selfies and group shots
  • Triple coated hand polished glass produces crystal clear natural 
colors and prevents unwanted reflections

Features – Macro HD:

  • The Macro HD lens 15X zoom together with a focus distance of 20-26mm allows you to get closer to the subject
  • Clear and Sharp detailed images

Universal clip attachment system works with smartphones, tablets and laptops

All lenses can be used in front, dual and rear camera

Compatibility list

All orders placed between of 27.3 – 9.4 will be sent by end of week 17 (23.4.2017). 


The ultimate all-in-one travel case featuring the highest quality smartphone lenses.

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