Spice up your video calls with Black Eye lens

The year 2020 will be remembered for many things, one of them being that this was the time when the whole world went into a more or less coordinated quarantine and people were forced to keep in touch via video calls with friends, family and colleagues. See how Black Eye founder @arto_ekman used Black Eye lenses to spice up the endless video calls while staying home.

Pro Cinema Wide G4

Pro Cinema Wide G4 is a great lens to keep things looking professional and widening the image at the same time.

All the horizontal and vertical lines are straight and there is no distortion in the corners. This lens works great if you have multiple people on the call or need to show something in the background.

Pro Fisheye G4

The go-to lens when you want to show the widest view possible. This lens enables almost 180° field of view for your viewers.

It’s great for streaming live music or wider spaces like cafes, terraces, restaurants, you name it! Note that this lens gives you a strong barrel distortion effect. For less distortion we recommend the Pro Cinema Wide G4.

Wide G4

The normal online video field of view is approximately 80° and this lens grows it up to 160°

The Wide G4 comes with a small corner distortion, yet it is not as strong as with the Pro Fisheye G4. If you are looking for an “all around” lens, this is the one for you.

Pro Portrait Tele G4

When you want to crop out your background and create additional focus

This lens zooms in to your face and gives the viewer a bit more personal feel. Use the Pro Portrait Tele G4 when you need to bring full focus to what you are saying and crop out your background.

Use Black Eye lenses to achieve different efffects