Vans Nordic Team in Morocco – MELU

Morocco or the Kingdom of Morocco is a country located in the northernmost tip of Africa, right below Spain. Known for its soccer players and great surf (yup, they have a looonng Atlantic coastline), the country has never been the hotspot for skateboarding. That may change soon because that place is made for skateboarding. Just perfect. Vans Nordic, the Scandinavian Vans team, took good four days just before Christmas and traveled to mama Africa to visit Morocco with local homies and their homies. This is a photo journal from this trip and I hope you enjoy it because we certainly enjoy Morocco!

Words: Nikolai Alin
Photos: Justus Hirvi

All images are taken with iPhone 8 and Black Eye Teleand Cinema Wide lenses.

White House as it is in English, Casablanca is one of the most beautiful cities there are. Big city- style combined with local African vibes makes a mixture you just can’t find anywhere else. A lot of spots to skate, too, but it is the general attitude that makes Casablanca so special. Even the name is real OG, Casablanca. Wow.

Continental tires may be engineered in Germany but this ollie is made and designed in Morocco. Look at the decorations of the rail rider jumps over: even the basic obstacles are picturesque in Morocco.

Before our trip I had heard the moroccon people could be cold or hostile towards tourists.That was quickly proven to be wrong. As a skater, Morocco is a warm, sunny and friendly playground where you feel like home. The locals were so friendly and hospitable that we really felt like home no matter where we went. I just wish we’d be there fifteen days instead of five.

When Petrus Marttila is on the tour van, you know the tour is going to be a success story. I personally don’t know anyone who is happier and fun to be around- guy than Mr. Marttila. Just good karma all around him. Except not for him as he tweaked his ankle on the second day of this tour and had to skip all the skating afterward. Still smiling in the back of the van, cracking jokes all day, every day. Thank you, Pete!

Wanna see more? Take a flight to Marrakech or Casablanca, rent a van and check cities like Rabat, Agadir, Essaouira and El Jadida. You won’t be disappointed, I promise. Thank you Vans, Melu – Public Sport Magazine, Black Eye and especially Farouk Berroud and all the great people in Morocco. You rule!

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