The Fourth Generation

Smartphone camera sensors and optics have evolved greatly during the past year. When we first started to develop lenses for smartphones we wanted to create products that can be used with the devices that most of us carry with them all the time. Thus, as smartphones evolve so must our lenses. We have been working hard with our team to create a new line of high-quality lenses, that are guaranteed to work optimally also with the latest mobile phone cameras. But what actually has changed in our products?

Black Eye lens in the making


Due to evolving technology, the sensors in mobile phones are changing. If you compare for examples the sensor of an iPhone 6 to iPhone X there is a huge difference – The sensor is much larger on the iPhone X, and this can in some cases cause black corners with some lenses. With optimizing the optics, we can get rid of the corner vignetting and enhance the image quality.

Also, the cameras of the mobile phones have evolved by becoming a bit wider, with better depth control and faster shutter time. We at Black Eye are stoked about the ever-evolving smartphone cameras and can’t wait for what the future will bring.

Re-designing the Wide Angle, Fisheye, Tele, Macro and 3in1.

As you might know, all products have a lifecycle. The 3rd generation lenses still work well with the modern phone models, however, we felt that we could do even better.

Black Eye Pro Series lenses

Full-Frame Fisheye to Pro Fisheye G4

The all-new Pro Fisheye G4 is wider and sharper than its predecessor the Full Frame Fisheye. Again, by tweaking the optics insice the lenses we managed to reduce blurriness and improve the image quality. Now you can really turn your phone into a 4K content creation machine. The optics in the Pro Fisheye G4 are one of the best in the portfolio and you can’t really see any image quality deterioration when using the lens. This is one of our favorite lenses to really pop up from the crowds.

Tele 3x to Pro Portrait Tele G4

We took the old Tele 3X lens, and digged made some important changes in the product. As a result, we feel confident to claim that the Pro Portrait Tele G4 is the best portrait and tele lens in the market. With stunning image quality and bokeh (the aesthetic quality of the blur produced in the out-of-focus parts of the image), you can finally get that DSLR to look to your photos and videos. Also, with the re-designed lens hood and AR coating, sun flares are only there when you want them to be. Get closer to your subject or shoot crispy portraits with this new bad boy!

Black Eye Wide Macro lens

HD Wide Angle to Wide G4 

We re-designed the old HD Wide Angle from scratch and came up with a kickass product that really gives bang for your buck! The Wide G4 is wider than the previous HD Wide Angle, yet it has improved image quality and color reproduction. The entire optical system has been re-designed for modern-day phones. Once you put on the new Wide G4 you will instantly see the difference.

HD Macro to Macro G4

HD Macro is an excellent lens to start off, and we did not want to make huge changes to the optics. However, with the new Macro G4, we have decreased the corner distortion from 20% to 2%. This allows you to take close-up pictures of vertical or linear subjects, without any image bending in the corners. We also made the lens hood a bit taller and applied a new coating formula to reduce unwanted flares and give you better color reproduction.

Black Eye G4 lenses

3in1 to 3-Pack

3in1 being our starter kit we wanted to have an affordable yet good quality product. The new 3-Pack has not only gotten a facelift, but the fisheye has had some changes as well. The fisheye look is still there with the black corners, yet we made them a bit less dominant. Also, the coating in both lenses has been changed to give you better color reproduction.