Why you need Black Eye lenses on the iPhone 11 & 11 Pro

After the release of the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro, many of you have been wondering whether you still need Black Eye Lenses on it. Well, the answer is YES!

As good as the new iPhone 11 models are, there are still many good reasons for you to use Black Eye lenses on them. We are pleased to see that the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro have the best main camera of any iPhone made to this day. This makes the iPhone 11 the best smartphone currently to use with Black Eye lenses.

The main wide camera is the soul of the iPhone 11 & 11 Pro. You only need the main camera and a few different Black Eye Lenses and you’ve got a killer combo!

The main camera (wide 26mm) is truly superior compared to the other cameras, and this is the camera you really want to use on your iPhone for the best image quality.

You can use all of our lenses without a problem on the main wide-angle-lens (Just like with all the previous iPhone models) of the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro models. You can also use our Pro Portrait Tele G4 on the main wide-angle lens OR attach it on the telephoto lens of the iPhone and increase the amount of zoom, without using digital zoom. 

By combining the Black Eye lenses on the main camera, you get multiple focal lengths on your phone. This way, you can utilize the superior camera features that only the main camera possesses.

To achieve the best results with the new iPhone 11, forget about the additional cameras and concentrate on using the main wide camera.

The iPhone 11 Pro natively has a 13mm ultra-wide camera, the main 26mm wide camera, and a 52mm tele camera. While these cameras are amazing, the iPhone is still missing some key focal lengths for multiple purposes, such as a Macro lens and a Fisheye lens.

The new Ultra-wide camera is the new toy on the iPhone. It’s fun, easy to use, and makes excellent results in the right lighting conditions. But as soon as it gets darker, you will see it in the quality of the image. That’s why it’s a perfect idea to switch to only using the main wide camera and attach any of our Wide or Fisheye lenses on it. You’ll notice the difference.

Also, the iPhone 11 is missing a Tele lens for portrait photography. But don’t worry about this, because you can simply just use our Pro Portrait Tele G4 on the main camera and now you’ve got a tele!

Remember that you can only shoot RAW with the main wide camera.

iPhone main camera lens benefits

  • Image quality – The primary camera has superior image quality compared to the other cameras.
  • Superior autofocus – The primary camera has a 100% sensor covering autofocus (similar to market-leading sports cameras such as Sony a9)
  • Image stabilization – Image stabilization is not included on the new Ultra-Wide camera, only the Main Camera and Telephoto camera.
  • Faster shutter speed in lower light with f/1.8 aperture – Good for, i.e., indoor sports
  • Low light / Night photography – Thanks to the new f/1.8 aperture, the Main Camera captures more light. It performs better in dark and low light situations than the other cameras. When capturing subjects like the milky way or northern lights, you want an ultra-wide field of view. By combining the main camera with an ultra-wide Black Eye lens, you’ll be able to get a better result over the native ultra-wide camera.
  • Raw image capture (with third party app) – Only the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro main camera can capture RAW images with a third party app. Raw images allow more control over white balance, shadow details, highlight details, and colors to achieve the best result for the image.
  • Social media / Live streaming – Social Media and live streaming features such as Instagram Stories, Snapchat, Facebook Stories only supports the Main Camera of the latest iPhones. 
  •  Shallower depth of field – The brighter f/1.8 aperture enables a shallower depth of field, which means a smoother optical blurring of backgrounds.

iPhone’s main camera with Black Eye Lens benefits

  • Pro Fisheye G4  – The Fisheye is really the best classic action sports lens. It allows you to get close to the action while still having all the surroundings. The Fisheye has a strong barrel distortion, which is preferable in action sports where you need to get low and close to the action. When pointing the camera up, the barrel distortion will not make things look stretched as an Ultra-Wide does.
  • Macro G4 – You can get close with the iPhone 11, but nothing like MACRO close. The Macro G4 lens opens up a totally new world of close-up photography, which is not possible with the native camera.
  • Pro Portrait Tele G4– The iPhone 11 is missing an optical Tele lens. A 50mm Lens is the classic street and portrait lens of choice for many photographers. In comparison to a wide lens, a short tele lens does not distort features when photographing people as a wide or an ultra-wide lens does.
  • More moderate optical wide-angle lenses for different shooting situations. The Ultra-wide lens of the iPhone can be too wide for many cases. That’s why it’s good to have an option to choose a more moderate field of view, which is possible with our lenses like the Pro Cinema Wide G4. Plus, the image quality will be way better when using any of our lenses on the primary camera of the iPhone rather than just using the Ultra-wide lens of the iPhone.


There’s no doubt that the new iPhone 11 and 11 Pro are serious tools for a modern-day creative. But there are still many good reasons to use Black Eye Lenses with it and make it an even better smartphone to create content with. We are really excited that the limits of modern smartphones are being pushed to a new level and that we can contribute to making them even better. It’s a win for us and a win for you!

”Apple gave us an even better camera to put our lenses on”